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Excellence in Marketing

Welcome to Diederik Martens dot com. This is a blog about Excellence in Marketing. I started Diederik Martens .com to share experience on new marketing with my fellow marketers as marketing is transforming from ad-hoc activities to optimizable processes. Marketing is also becomming more and more customer centric as marketing is more integrated (e.g. sales alignment).


It’s all about event driven marketing. Events in the customer buying journey (e.g. website visit) or customer lifecycle (e.g. wedding) trigger processes, like an automated e-mail or a planned sales call. Other examples are contract renewal offers that are calculated based on propensity models.


This way of marketing requires extensive customer insight. This leads to comprehensive customer data which leads to topics like big data, compliancy, and privacy. Another benefit of marketing as a process is that processes can be improved, which leads to a higher marketing ROI. This blog will be dedicated to all of the above (including the necessary marketing automation tools and technology).


Enjoy reading on Diederik Martens .com. Feel free to comment on articles or to share them with your network.


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My Agenda

April 08: Staffing the Marketo Champion’s Smart Bar at the Marketo Summit, San Francisco, USA (Hosted at Moscone)

April 22: Chairman of the Netherlands Marketo User Group Meeting, Den Bosch, NL (Hosted at Quintiq)

June 04: Keynote at a marketing event, Utrecht, NL (TBD)

June 26: Speaking at the B2B event of Platform Innovation in Marketing (PIM), Den Bosch, NL (Hosted at Canon)

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